WETBOND Moist Dentin/Enamel Adhesive

Our newest dentin/enamel adhesive takes advantage of the wet bonding process.  Wet bonding offers significant advantages, since desiccating dentin has been linked to subsequent sensitivity and low bonds.  Recent research* demonstrates superior results from wet bonding!  WetBond is the first adhesive kit manufactured for this technique.


Mirage Wetbond Moist Dentin/Enamel Adhesive



• Three simple steps

• Fast and reliable

• Economical

• Ideal for bonding direct composites, desensitizing and beneath
  ALL indirect restorations

• Bonds of 24 Mpa to dentin* and higher to enamel


      1 - 1.2 ml Syringe of 37% Orthophoshoric Acid
      1 - 6 ml Bottle of A & B Adhesives
      1 - 3 ml Bottle of Unfilled Resin
      1 - Set of accessories


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