No company understands the science of porcelain veneers better than Mirage.  This product is an easy solution to the problem of temporizing teeth after preparation for veneers.  It is unbelievably fast, yet produces superb results.  You etch the tooth in one small area, add the MVT directly to the tooth and light cure.  Simple, easy to follow, step by step pictorial instructions make the technique a cinch to follow.


Mirage Veneer Temporay - MVT


MVT has great reliability for staying on the tooth.  At the cementation visit the material is easily removed by lifting with a small spoon excavator at the gingival margin.  You will be simply amazed at how easy it is to use MVT!


2 - 1.5 gm Syringes of Mirage Veneer Temporary
                 (Universal Shade)

1 - Set of accessories

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