Once a laboratory purchases the system, they may receive training and continuous education. The training of the lab is of the up most importance to ensure the highest standard of quality.  For the laboratories that would like doctor training locally, we can provide clinicians to assist you with hands-on training or as a lecturer.  Along with the strong emphasis in technical training, an equal concentration is given to marketing and practice management philosophies.  Ongoing support in all these areas helps each laboratory achieve their full potential.

Training Laboratory

Equipped with an in-house lecture hall that seats up to 80 people, Mirage/Chameleon Dental Systems is poised to train both laboratory technicians and practicing dentists.

Kevin Pass, BDS, DDS is an Assistant Professor in the Esthetic Department at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.  Currently, he works out of one practice in the Kansas City area and holds a position as Clinical Consultant here at Mirage/Chameleon Dental Systems.

Dr. Kevin Pass