The latest research on composite shows us that bulk filling cavities is far superior to incremental filling! Incremental filling of composite resins is a time wasting exercise that puts more stress on the internal surface of the cavity. Look at the graphs below that illustrate the differences between incremental filling and the Rapidfill technique.


Mirage Rapidfill



  • Faster than the incremental fill technique
  • Less stress on the dentin composite interface
  • Less stress on the tooth
  • Less expensive than light cured composites

Rapidfill is a chemical cure, high compressive, glass polymer.  Universal in shade, it's filled resin has enormous compressive strength greater than that of dentin.  The instructions for Rapidfill are a simple pictorial guide. The material is mixed in equal quantities of Base and Catalyst.  You then back fill individual dose compules for use in a standard Uni-Dose dispensing syringe.  (Uni-Dose dispensing syringes are available as a separate item).  The cavity should be treated with a dentin primer like Prime One.  Rapidfill is thixotropic, it flows easily from the compule tip directly into the cavity.  The resin is syringed to the enamel dentin junction. A final layer of your current hybrid light cured composite is applied to the occlusal surface of the Rapidfill to complete the restoration.  This provides the correct shade and the ideal surface for wear resistance.


              1 - 14 gm Jar of Base

              1 -14 gm Jar of Catalyst

              20 - Uni-Dose Dispensing Tips

              1 - Set of Accessories

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