A breakthrough in our manufacturing technique brings Prime One to you at an unbeatable price!  Using Prime One dentin enamel primer can't be easier.  Etch, wash, prime and light cure then prime again and light cure, that's it!


Mirage Prime One


Easy to follow pictorial instructions provide a step by step sequence for use.  Prime One has a pedigree of research reaching back to the early 1980's.  Licensed under the patent from Bowen and the ADA Health Foundation, you can depend on Prime One and at less cost than competitive products.

You can use Prime One for:

  • Bonding direct composites
  • Bonding light cured veneers
  • Lining under amalgams
  • Preventing or stopping dentin sensitivity


     1 - 6 ml Bottle of Prime One

     1 - 1.2 ml Syringe of Orthophosphoric Acid

     1 - Set of accessories

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