An inexpensive product recommended for the repair of porcelain intra-orally.  Bond strengths exceed the cohesive strength of porcelain.

2 types available:

1) Contains 4% APF (Acidulated Phosphate Fluoride) safe     etching gel.

2) Contains 9.6% buffered hydrofluoric acid, requiring the use of a rubber dam.

Both kits contains a drying agent and silane for promoting the bond to porcelain.

Orthodontists:  Please ask for our special kit that includes an APF Etchant.  This kit has been very useful to orthodontists when bonding onto porcelain crowns.


Mirage Porcelain Etchant Kit



1 - 1.2 ml Syringe of Etching Gel, EITHER APF or       Hydrofluoric Gel
1 - 3 ml Bottle of Silane
1 - 3 ml Bottle of Drying Agent

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