Shade Matching System

The solution to achieving the correct shade in any type of veneer, crown or bridgework.  At the chair side, you can easily modify a Perfect Match shade tab with the paint-on, quick-setting resin so the tab matches the patient's teeth perfectly.  Then send the tab to your Fortress/Mirage laboratory with the impressions.  The laboratory makes the restoration to match the modified tab and returns the tab with the finished restoration.  Finally, just clean the tab to use it again.


Mirage Perfect Match Shade Matching System



  • Prevents wasted time on remakes
  • Saves money avoiding remakes
  • Better final aesthetics, leading to higher patient satisfaction
  • Simplifies communication between laboratory and dentist


10 - Paint-on Shade Modifiers:

Yellow, Yellow-Orange, Orange, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Opaque White, Red-Orange, Blue, Violet, Black (also available - Transwhite)

1 Bottle of Cleaner