Mirage Porcelain, Mirage II Porcelain, Low Fusing Porcelain & Mirgae Opaque & Modifier Porcelain



"Perfect for repairs"

Mirage developed the Low Fusing Porcelain to increase your efficiency and eliminate waste.  With Mirage Low Fusing Porcelains, you will be able to repair any imperfections in the restoration and eliminate unnecessary scrap.  Adding contacts, patching holes and repairing margins before and after divesting has been made easy with this system.  Mirage Low Fusing Porcelain can be used through a wide range of temperatures.  Add during glazing to build cusp tips, fine tune contacts and repair imperfections on PFM's.

KIT CONTENTS: 7 Shade:  Body #1, Body #2, Incisal #1, Incisal #2, Opaque #1, Opaque #, Translucent - all in 1/2 oz. Bottles
REPLACEMENTS: 1/2 oz. Bottles, Translucent 4 oz

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