Mirage T.J. Vest


MIRAGE EX 93 Investment Powder - ITEM # INVEX93
"Specifically compounded for Mirage" Powder - ITEM # INVEX93W
  Liquid - ITEM # INVEX93LIQ

Mirage EX 93 Investment is a phosphate bonded, heavy body investment material which has bee specifically compounded for the firing of Mirage porcelain restorations without the use of a platinum matrix, or porcelain wash after degassing.  It is unsurpassed for the fabrication of veneers.  This material gives an accurate fit of the restoration to the master die.  Mirage EX 93 Investment is capable of bonding to itself to fill voids, cracks or incomplete pours; before and after degassing the investment model.

Working time for Mirage EX 93 Investment is a full two minutes which allows for a more accurate and complete model in one pour.

Final setting time is one hour.

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