A precision-designed sandblaster with a unique adapter for connection directly to the hand piece outlet.  No engineering is required to install.  This unit operates from a 2/3, or 4-hole outlet. Outstanding value compared to competitive units.


Mirage Handiblaster Kit


Recommended Uses:

  • Increasing the retention of PFM's or metal crowns, even with conventional cements
  • Sandblasting metals and porcelains to increase bond strengths for repairs


  • Operates on pressures from 30 to 100 lbs./sq. in.
  • Completely mobile from operatory to operatory
  • Long reach tip, bendable to your desired angle
  • Thin tip for easy vision of area to be sandblasted
  • No clog design, complete with grit and adapter
  • Tip may be autoclaved


1 - Handiblaster Body

1 - Handiblaster Long Reach Tip

1 - Wall Hanger

1 - 4' of Air Hose, (8' available upon request)

1 - Adapter for Hand piece Outlet (2/3-Hole Borden       Style or 4 Hole Midwest Style)

1 - 1lb 50 Micron Grit