Fortress Pressable

"Metal-free restorations"

Not all press ceramics are created equal.  FortressTM Pressable is a low fusing press ceramic system for crowns, inlays, and veneers.  Fortress Pressable has excellent esthetics and is designed for metal-free restorations using simple layering or staining techniques.  This system has excellent color, does not warp after multiple firings, and is predictable.  FortressTM Gold porcelain is used to build onto the core.  This veneering material gives you the added benefit of firing to an all-ceramic core or on a high gold alloy for a restoration with added strength and the highest bio-compatibility.  FortressTM Pressable will allow more pressings per hour, is easily divested, does not chip when ground on (grinds soft) and is very polishable.  We have balanced our coefficiencies to match the core, reducing the potential for cracking and allowing the use of more body porcelains.  The leucite particles range in size from 3 to 4 microns and are very evenly distributed.

KIT CONTENTS:  19 Ingot shades (5 each), 11 2 gm Fluorescent Stains,

                                Fortress Gold base shades 14 gms - A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4,

                                4 incisal, 4 chroma modifiers, Clear, Opal Clear, and Neutral,

                                1 glaze, 1 porcelain liquid Investment - 100 envelopes / 100 gm

                                 Powder With 1.2 litre liquid

(Available upon request:  A4, B4, C1, C2, C3, C4 and D4 Ingots)

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