Fortress PFM


FORTRESSTM PFM - Porcelain Fused To Metal ITEM # FMZ

"For all types of ceramic restorations"

FortressTM PFM system uses conventional dental alloys for crowns and bridges giving an optimal esthetic result.  It is a complete shade system matched to the VitaŽ shade guide.  The structure is Leucite with particles that range in size from 3 to 4 microns that are very evenly distributed as in our FortressTM All Porcelain System.  The FortressTM PFM system is designed to bond with a wide range of dental alloys.  This system specially formulated not to exhibit the "greening" or gray-out" effect affiliated with silver or dark oxides.  This system has a lower firing temperature than typical PFM materials and excellent esthetics using the layering technique.  Keyed to the Vita Lumin Vacuum shade guide, FortressTM PFM includes a wide range of shades.

FortressTM Porcelain offers you color stability after multiple firings, excellent handling and modeling and controlled shrinkage.  FortressTM PFM gives you and your patients an affordable, beautifully esthetic, natural light reflecting restoration that is perfect for all types of crowns and bridges.

16 opaque paste shades 4 gm Syringe
5 opaque paste modifiers 4 gm Syringe
16 body shades, 4 incisals,14 modifiers 28 gm Bottle
2 low fusing 14 gm Bottle
opaque pastes 4 gm Syringe
opaque powder (shades A1 - D4) 14 gm Bottle
body shades, incisals, modifiers 28 gm Bottle
low fusing (Body shades 1-4, clear opal clear, incisals 1-4 14 gm Bottle

*Vita Lumin is a registered trademark of Vita Zahnfabrik, Sakingen, Germany


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