Fortress Mammalons



"A color for mimicking nature"

FortressTM Mammalons are six, highly fluorescent porcelains.  The new Mammalon range of porcelains for FortressTM is designed to mimic the natural color of teeth for truly great esthetics.  Each anterior tooth grows from tooth buds.  These three tooth buds fuse to form our permanent teeth.  Anterior teeth have three points on them when they first erupt.  These points are called the Mammalons.  Within one or two years the points of the Mammalons wear away, but the internal structure is still present.  The color and shadows of these tooth buds last a lifetime within our anterior teeth.  This porcelain imitates the colors of the dental horns or Mammalons.


Size:  14 gm
Replacements:  14 gm
#1 - Light Yellow/Orange
#2 - Yellow
#3 - Light Orange
#4 - Dark Orange/Orange
#5 - Dark Orange
#6 - Brown/Gray

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