Fortress Intensive Low Fusing


"Heighten the shade, clear like stained glass"

This material is used with the porcelain and is designed to emphasis the shade or color of the restoration without distortion.  The porcelain is an extension to our modifier groups already available in the kit.  It is a semi-transparent material that adds color and depth to a restoration.  FortressTM material can be used before divesting because the firing temperatures of this material are lower.  Makes it ideal for divested restorations.  The intensives are not a STAIN.  They are Porcelain; therefore, once applied, they will not wear off like stains.  This material modifies and intensifies the colors already in the porcelain.

Size:  14 gm

Blue Green
Blue Gray Neutral Diluent
Brown Opaque White
Burnt Orange Orange
Gray Pink
Gray Brown Violet
Gray Yellow Yellow

Replacements:  14 gm

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