Fortress Hollywood White


"Mimic the look of bleached teeth"

When B1 is not white enough, Mirage has developed a new range of porcelain shades for the FortressTM system designed to mimic the look of bleached teeth.  Hollywood White porcelains are available as a kit or as individual shades. 

New Hollywood White ceramics are designed for today's patients who want the white teeth they see at the movies.  More and more patients are having their teeth bleached, and Hollywood White shades allow a technician to achieve the high values and create ultra white shades needed to match bleached teeth and still look natural.


Size:  14 gm

Replacements:  14 gm
Body #1 Body #5
Body #2 Incisal #1
Body #3 Incisal #2
Body #4 Incisal #3

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