Fortress Gold


"With the color of the sun"

FortressTM Gold low-fusing, leucite-reinforced porcelain is formulated to fire on FortressTM Ingots or Type IV Extra Hard Crown & Bridge Low Fusing Ceramic Alloy. FortressTM Gold has been developed not to exhibit the "greening" effect, and the yellow gold color from the alloy warms the restoration.  Balancing strength with biocompatibility and esthetics makes this material excellent for Anterior and Posterior Crowns and three-unit bridges.  FortressTM Gold is a perfect combination with all-ceramic FortressTM restorations.  Resulting restorations are described as high-strength and ultra-smooth.  The porcelain also is said to wear like natural dentition, and it can be polished at chairside.  FortressTM Gold can be cemented with conventional cements, glass ionomers or resin cements.

KIT CONTENTS:  16 base shades, 4 incisal, 4 body modifiers, 10 gingival modifiers, 5 opacious dentin, 5 margin porcelain, 16 opaque paste, 3 intensive opaque paste.

REPLACEMENTS:  14 gm and 28 gm


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