Mirage EnVision Color Stable Complete Bonding System


The All New Mirage EnVision Kit has all the advantages of the Vision 2 Kit and more.  Perfect for bonding and cementing all-ceramic, milled and metal restorations.  EnVision is your Complete Bonding System; it is more color stable and easy to use with a no-mix, dual cure cement.  Also included in the EnVision Kit is a Water-Soluble Clear Try-In Paste for easy shade verification.  EnVision is great for bonding all kinds of restorations; the number one choice for an all in one kit.

New Mirage EnVision Kit


AI Light Cure Composite - 3 gm
A2 Light Cure Composite - 3 gm
B1 Light Cure Composite - 3 gm
Clear Light Cure Composite - 3 gm
White Opacious Light Cure Composite - 3 gm
Dual Cure Composite-Universal - 4 gm
Try In Clear - 3 gm
37% Orthophosphoric Acid Etching Gel - 1.2 ml
Diamond Paste - 2.5 gm
Tooth Bonding Resin - 3 ml
Ceramic Bonding Resin - 3 ml
Resin Adhesive Activator (A) - 6 ml
Adhesive Resin (B) - 6 ml
Silane Bond Enhancer - Premixed - 3 ml

Tooth Bonding Resin & Ceramic Bonding Resin


Choose the best bonding resin based on the type of restoration you are working with...


Mirage Tooth Bonding Resin contains Hema which creates a better bond to the tooth.


Mirage Tooth Bonding Resin & Ceramic Bonding Resin


Mirage Ceramic Bonding Resin is the perfect choice for ceramic restorations offering better color stability.


Dual Cure Syringe


The all new Mirage Dual Cure Universal Composite comes in an auto mixing dual barrel syringe for ease of handling and creates less mess and waste.  This universal dual cure is more color stable and eliminates the hassle of worrying whether to use a high or low viscosity catalyst.


Mirage Dual Cure Syringe




Mirage Try-In Paste is exactly what you have been looking for when it comes to easy shade verification.  Try-In Clear is water soluble allowing you to easily determine whether to use a light or dark cement and offers a secure hold for an overall better esthetics.


Mirage Try-In Plaste Clear Water Soluble