You may have had a porcelain veneer or crown case that wasn't quite the correct shade?  You can save a case like that with Color Modifiers.  You can raise or lower the value, or even mask an undesirable underlying color.  If you have a problem matching bleached teeth, using Color Modifier White can provide the shade required.  At other times maybe you couldn't quite match the patient's teeth with your regular composite?


Color Modifiers - Ochre, Yellow, Violet, White, Gray, Orange, Brown & Blue...


Color Modifiers can be mixed with your regular composite resin to provide the exact shade you need.  They are dispensed from a small syringe to provide great control for the clinician.  You can use them beneath porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, in conjunction with direct composite resins or with any other semi-translucent restorations.  There are eight intensive shades included in the kit, White, Gray, Brown, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Violet and Ochre.  The instructions are colored keyed to help you pick the shade you need to mask another color.  If you have an esthetic dental practice you will find Color Modifiers are an indispensable asset!


         1 - 1 gm Syringe of Ochre

         1 - 1 gm Syringe of Yellow

         1 - 1 gm Syringe of Violet

         1 - 1 gm Syringe of White

         1 - 1 gm Syringe of Gray

         1 - 1 gm Syringe of Orange

         1 - 1 gm Syringe of Brown

         1 - 1 gm Syringe of Blue

         1 - Set of accessories

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